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How to check your current BSNL broadband internet plan

May 23, 2010

Dear folks,

We all know that BSNL is the cheapest and renowned broadband internet service provider in India, at the same time it is also known for its pity customer services :neutral:. BSNL’s official website is one of the examples of poor information technology.

On a Saturday, I went to the BSNL telephone exchange office to change my existing broadband internet plan to unlimited data usage tariff and asked one of the customer support executives that how I’ll come to know that my plan has changed to the new one, she replied me, “You can check it out on“. I just looked at her and smiled. It was as good as finding my pair of socks in my (scattered) room :mrgreen:.

Well, in this post I’ll tell you how to check your existing BSNL broadband plan. This will be helpful for the people who want to confirm their BSNL tariff and those who, just like me, want to confirm if their plan has been changed to the the new one for which they’ve applied.

So following are the steps to check the same:

💡 Before following the steps, make sure that your are using BSNL broadband internet service.

  1. Visit
  2. Log in with your portal ID and password (which you get when you apply for the BSNL broadband internet connection and can be changed later manually, if you need a pretty cool portal ID rather than BSNL’s ugly portal ID)
  3. Go to the ‘PostPaid Orders’ tab which shows a section with the heading Track Orders and a Search Criteria form
  4. In the Search Criteria form, either provide your Telephone number with the STD code separated by ‘#’ e.g. 712#2220220 OR provide your Service UserId. Your service UserId is nothing but your Service username followed by ‘’ e.g.
  5. After providing one of the couple of options, hit Search Order button
  6. Yippy!!! Now you’re seeing your existing BSNL broadband internet plan details right on your screen

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Comments are most welcome in case of any queries. Have a great time :grin:!



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  1. I think BSNL should really work hard on its customer support to get a good brand name and value considering its financial strength. It should also technically upgrade and train its employees to pursue excellence as same as that of any private telecommunication services like TATA and Reliance. Hope to see a makeover soon :wink:.

  2. Thats right Sir 😛

  3. UPDATE:

    ❗ BSNL has changed the way with the help of which we used to check the current broadband internet plan. Hence I declare that THIS TECHNIQUE IS NO LONGER IN USE. I’ll post a new way of checking current broadband internet plan shortly. Comments on this topic are closed.

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