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About Me

Defining myself has always been a tough task for me whether it is a college ragging, personality development sessions in the college or may be a corporate interview.. But this is the section where I’ve tried to describe myself as good as possible.

Bare beginnings:

28th May, 1987 was the day when I said my first “Hello” to the world in Nagpur, India. I did my junior KG and schooling till fourth standard at Manjusha Convent, Nagpur. I grew up and took admission in Dharampeth High School for further education till 10th standard.


Rohan a.k.a. Ron

After pursuing the Higher Secondary Education at Jupiter Junior Science College with Computer Science as major, I completed my graduation in Computer Science and Engineering from Priyadarshini Institute of Engineering and Technology, which is one of the finest Engineering colleges in Nagpur, India.

I was neither a sharp kid in school nor an intelligent student in the college, but I have always been a favorite student of most of the teachers during my education.


We are a family of 5 people. My father loves machines and he is a highly skilled technician at one of the private firms based in Nagpur. My mother is a home maker and she is the one who gave me all the values and responsible for the positive me. My Grandfather has retired from his duties in the year 1997. He insured lives of so many people as he worked with Life Insurance Corporation of India. He is a leader of our family. And last but not least, my younger sweet sis, pursuing her graduation in Electronics Engineering.


Presently, I am working with Infosys Ltd. as a Systems Engineer.


My experience includes computer programming, web development and corporate training. After my graduation, I trained various students and professionals in a private firm on the Java platform for an year.

In Nov, 2009 I moved to software development at SANIsoft Technologies Pvt. Ltd. At SANIsoft, I worked with the best in class PHP programmers and I was amazed with the power of PHP and started programming in PHP and CakePHP framework as well.

I joined Infosys Ltd. in Nov, 2010 and now I’m exploring some nice frameworks for Java web development like Struts and Spring at Infosys while working for some international clients.

I’m very bad at remembering things and very good at making mistakes. In fact, I’m used to learn things after mistakes (which is not good all the times, of-course I know it!).

So many things to learn.. A long way to go!


  1. Neha permalink

    I am very proud of you…
    The blog is nice, but be regular to post some interesting and nice things. All the best! 🙂

  2. balu permalink

    Nice intro dude 🙂

  3. Chetan permalink

    Your blog is too good boss…
    Keep going…all the best.

  4. Shubhada permalink

    Sir every thing is very nice
    But most i like is ‘About Author’ section

    • Thank you very much ma’am for your view. Will update the blog soon! 🙂

  5. Tasnim permalink

    Hiiiiii buddy its amazing reading abt u keep writting abt it.

  6. Hello Ron,
    Keep it up with some new updates….

  7. Nice blog……..
    also see my blog:

  8. Your BSNL broadband blog helped me ………right information and correct…u done a great job

    Thank You


    Sameer Hassan

  9. Shameer Madathil permalink

    Thanks Mr.Rohan ..for the information about the BSNL Broadband plan.

  10. rakesh permalink

    Hiii dude..Thanks for your information regarding the BSNL Broadband .Nice blog.keep it up 🙂

  11. Pradeep permalink

    The BSNL do not want to be praised. They have removed everything. Now the BSNL portal site of now use. I think It should not asked for the login because there is nothing on the site that is particular to a user account.

    The worst service and the worst website is the BSNL. They are busy in publishng the links for 500 cirles. There is no single page that can be used for see the custmers usefull information. You can not see the uses, the status of any complain, the status of closure of your connection.
    Just Rubish and frustating. The BSNl employees are not trained and eligible to provide the services for this technically advanced era.

    Shame on BSNL!!!!

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