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The Tweet-up (Twitter meet-up) May’10

May 2, 2010

“Many of us are more capable than some of us… but none of us is as capable as all of us!!” – Tom Wilson

Yes.. The tweet-up absolutely came out to be true on what the organizing team intended for. So, here is my short review on the very first ever Twitter meet-up in the orange city.

A Monday morning in the office, when I came to know about the Tweeter meet-up, thoughts struck to my mind immediately.. Twitter Meet-up??? What for? How it will be? Are they going to discuss about Twitter or what? Will they (organizers) get participants in good numbers? I stopped the wheel of my silly thoughts and continued with my work then. When I confirmed my attendance for this event on the official website of Nagpur Twitter group, there were hardly 10 to 11 confirmed guests listed in the column with the heading WHO’S BEEN HERE. I continued visiting in regular intervals seeing the number of confirmed guests increasing rapidly.

And the meet-up day came, when the programming script written for Days to go section executed and displayed the integer ‘0’ on Confirmed guests: 57 :shock:. Clock in my drawing room ticked quarter to 6 and I got ready to attend the meet-up with my friend Bhimrao. We left home and easily found ‘Daya Chambers’, venue for the meet-up.

When we entered the hall, it was full of the positive and geeky auras. We occupied our chairs near Abbas sir and Aditya sir, the only people we were familiar with, at that moment. Twitterfall was on its full and everyone was trying to get their tweets right on screen, the screen.. which was visible to everyone.

Nagpur Twitter Meet-up

Nagpur Twitter Meet-up

Karthik, who is one of the lead organizers, opened up the meet-up with formal introductions. It was a great pleasure to know these many intelligent people at once. Intros ended. What next??? Bhagyashree took the initiative and gave a short introduction of M.A.D. (Make A Difference) to all, which made people curious to know more about it and participate in such a beautiful and social activity.

Next event was a debate :wink:. And the topic was:

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After the heated up (but quite interesting) environment, the meet-up proceeded with the technical topics. Geeks exchanged their ideas about latest and favorite browsers, operating systems and Twitter clients. Windows, Linux, Mac, I-pad, Opera, IE, Firefox, TweetDeck and blah-blah-blah were the hot topics of the discussion. I came to know many new things from that discussion though I wasn’t an active participant. After the discussion, all of us had a great coffee and I kept introducing myself to other guys and knew them in turn, along with the coffee sips. Felt as if it was a Coffee with Rohan for a while! (whatttta PJ! :roll:)

Power-puff Girls

Power-puff Girls

After the nice coffee, people signed-up the sign board and started discussing the next topic, date and time for the next tweet-up. Whoa! Nobody came to know when discussion for the next agenda turned into a singing competition. We had three awesome singers there as Sukhada and two more friends. The great commentary (mimicry) by Rohneet resulted into a crazy laugh. And last but not least, the awesome poem by Tushar Joshi sir, “या बायकांना काही म्हणजे काहीच कळत नाही..”, was not less than a treat. I could enjoy it in-spite of being a bachelor :razz:.

The memorable Nagpur meet-up ended with lots of photographs with new friends :cool:. It made my day and I was really happy with the sweet and little get-together which gave me 40+ new friends in just a couple of hours. By that time, I had got all answers of the questions raised in my mind in the office on that Monday morning.

A group snap

We.. The tweeple

The meet-up ended up with happy faces and handshakes all over. Wait! It was not an end, but it was a beginning.. The first tweet-up was a grand success! I and Bhimrao left The Chambers overwhelmed, whereas Twitterfall on the screen continued with the falling tweets, showing lots of love for this happening meet-up.

The show must go on

P.S. : Here are some links to photos, videos, and events related to the meet-up. (poems by Tushar Joshi sir) (Make A Difference organization)


    • Thank you for the link ma’am. I went through your post and it was awesome. Looking forward to see you again in the upcoming tweet-up. Have a nice time :).

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